ebook2cw - convert ebooks or text files to Morse MP3s

Graphical User Interface

A graphical user interface (GUI) for ebook2cw is available as a separate program

ebook2cw.exe itself is not included within the GUI; it must be downloaded separately and saved in the same directory, or anywhere within the executable path.

(Follow the steps below)



Create a directory


....... next go to

the URL for the main ebook2cw web site is: http://fkurz.net/ham/ebook2cw.html (or click below on Graphical User Interface)

For the PC, there is a nice Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows for easy selection
of the options.

Under CONTENTS select

[ ] ebook2cw.exe         2013-01-04 15:11 510K Windows Executable

[ ] ebook2cwgui.exe     2013-01-23 18:41 2.2M Windows Executable

and place them in the new folder.

With both of the programs in the same folder

 run ebook2cwgui for the GUI version, which is much easier to use.
...next click on the "save config" button.

Now you can create or copy text files and save them in the same folder
then you can browse to them.

Select a folder to save the converted files into (i.e. c:/ebook2cw/out)

The GUI uses the same configuration file as ebook2cw, called ebook2cw.conf.

Ebook2cw has several useful options that can be set.
These are documented on the main ebook2cw web page.


   ...more info here: http://www.dxzone.com/dx17937/ebook2cw-text-to-morse.html