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We proudly host and/or support the following websites:

NORTEX QRP Club           North Texas QRP qroup - W5TB
RACC Amateur Radio Club        Radio Active Camping/Contesting Club - K5RAC
Texas QRP Clubs                 Several Texas QRP Clubs
KK5QA webpage                 Barbara's Webpages
KK5NA webpage                 Joe's Webpage
HotDog Crafts                      Specialized Jewelry and Crafts!
HotDog Press                       Badges, Pins, books, and more!
Lonestar  ARC                     Ten-Ten Club Arlington,TX
Cowtown ARC                     Ten-Ten Club Fort Worth, TX 
HANDLEY  ARC                 Handley, Tx Amateur Radio Club
KK5NA ARS                        KK5NA Amateur Radio Service
QUADJ Consultants             Computer and Network Consultants
QRP GATEWAY                 A myraid of links.

CW Gateway                        Links to CW resources


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Last Updated 3/7/2017