Bringing Amateur Radio to the public almost anytime/anywhere.

Welcome to the home of the

Radio Active Camping and Contesting Club - K5RAC

Come join us!  We meet on the 3rd Monday each month  at 7pm.

Actively associated with NORTEX QRP Club



What we are all about 

The Club was formed to share Amateur Radio with the public and interested amateur radio operators through camping and contesting (and to have fun!). 

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Live to communicate.............. Communicate to live !

Thank you for stopping by. We appreciate your interest in the RACC club and wish you  many great experiences  in the world of amateur radio.

The Radio Active Camping and Contesting Club's members are available to demonstrate or help you demonstrate Amateur Radio to youth groups, scout groups, or any other interested group.

For more information on how you can take an active role in the RACC please contact us at email address:

          KK5NA at

Searching for Radio Fun ?

Come join us!  We meet on the 3rd Monday each month  at 7pm.

(Email me for info at KK5NA at )

   We will set up and operate almost anywhere!


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