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Clubs & Groups:

 arci2log.gif (2272 bytes) QRP-ARCI The QRP-Amateur Radio Club International 

ars_logo.gif (2700 bytes)  Adventure Radio Society 

AKQRPCOL.jpg (7024 bytes)  Alaska QRP The Alaska QRP Club 


index.2.gif (1969 bytes) American QRP Club

Cqclogo.jpg (19236 bytes)  CQC-QRP The Colorado QRP Club 

Cqrp.gif (6209 bytes)CQrp The Columbus, OH QRP Club 

logo9806t.gif (2833 bytes)   VK QRP Club - CW OPERATORS Club - Australia

EPAQRP_Logo.gif (3166 bytes)   Eastern PA QRP


   Four States QRp Group

gqrp.gif (1963 bytes)  G-QRP The G QRP Club 

kl-logo.gif (1755 bytes)  Knightlights Home Page 

W Q 8 RP   MI QRP The Michigan QRP Club 

     NorthEast Texas QRP Club

   NJ-QRP The New Jersey QRP Club 

Norcal.gif (1265 bytes)  The Northern California QRP Club (ALAS the Website is "No More"...see AMQRP)

littlepig.gif (5538 bytes)   North Georgia QRP Group

NWQRPL.gif (1329 bytes)  NW-QRP The NorthWest QRP Club (ALAS the site is gone!)

OLDOPa.jpg (7924 bytes)  NORTEX  The North Texas QRP Club 

QRP-L Archive
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 QRP-L Internet list mail archives 

Rac3a.jpg (47447 bytes)  Radio Active Camping and Contesting Club RACC - K5RAC

Personal QRP sites:

K7QO Chuck Adams' Home Page

K3WWP Lots of QRP

KK5NA QRP and radio links 

AA5TB   Steve Yates   QRP Site

Commercial Sites

  L.B.Cebik's page - antenna information!

Dan's Small Parts Catalog 

Digikey Parts - NO min. order 

Amateur Radio Receivers  Electroluminescent Receiver Kit and other goodies!

Far Circuits PC-boards for kits 

 Milestone Technologies/ Morse Express

Mouser Parts, Parts, Parts  - No Minimum order

OHR Oak Hills Research page 

Small Wonder Labs NN1G's kits 

Ten Tec Tennessee Technology 

WhiteRook Small paddles and keys 



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